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Our son has had some health problems that the medical world, eastern and western, has been unable to pinpoint the cause of.  After ruling out the obvious, it was recommended we have him tested for allergies.  A few weeks ago we received the results of that test.  He shows high sensitivity/reaction to gluten, dairy, eggs, almonds and garlic (garlic?! C’mon now).

So, just like that, we’ve gone from being gluttonous vegetarians to gluten free, garlic/almond free vegans.  It’s an elimination diet.  We’ll do it for 3 months to see if he shows any improvement in his health.  Then, if we want, we can start introducing these forbidden items back into his diet one at a time (garlic – we’re starting with garlic).  Meanwhile we’re all on the diet, for support and because we all typically eat together anyway.

Interestingly, I’m feeling a lot better since starting it.  I’ve long suspected I have a gluten intolerance, and since cutting it (and everything else on the list) the behavior of my stomach has improved dramatically.  I won’t lie, I miss it.  Bread, cheese and garlic are three of my favorite things.  But I don’t miss feeling bloaty, tired and bubbly.

For awhile, anyway, this blog is going to shift from being Lazy Vegetarian to Lazy Gluten Free Vegan.  That’s not nearly as groovy a domain name, is it.

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